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Head Of Light Entertainment are a four piece “weird little pop band” from Teesside, North East England, making melodically sunny, lyrically cloudy, left field pop music- hopefully with aplomb, definitely with love.

Collectively they are:

Carl Green: Voice and guitars

Simone Silivistris: Voice and keyboards

John Taylor: Bass

Graeme Boynton: Drums and samples


Originally a solo project consisting of ex-RCA recording artist Carl and a faulty electric guitar; then a trio with the addition of Simone and John; finally the band they are today, when drum dramatist Graeme joined the ranks in August 2012. During these early years, the band released two very well received albums (I Am Liberated, 2009, and The English Don’t Care, 2012), helping lay the foundations for the idiosyncratic pop sound they are now synonymous with.

Head Of Light Entertainment have played a wealth of interesting gigs, including the Willowman Festival, Richmond Live (North Yorkshire), Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, Dublin Castle, New Cross Inn (London), Fibbers (York), Twisterella Festival, Westgarth Social Club (Middlesbrough), O2 Academy, The Cluny, Think Tank, NARC Fest (Newcastle), Independent (Sunderland), Eagle Inn (Manchester), The South Sea (Sheffield), and many more.

Right from the off, H.O.L.E. have been championed by BBC and independent radio, notably Tom Robinson at BBC6 Music, and Bob Fischer at the band’s local station, BBC Tees. This, along with some engaging live shows, have helped the band strike a chord with those who like their pop music strange, fast and melodic, with a dash of alternative cabaret showmanship. Third album (Drool) is released May 2017, their first on vinyl.


Quite incredible. I can’t categorise what they do, except that live they are eye openingly brilliant

Diggingalot Blog

Head Of Light Entertainment is a quartet that is starting to attract serious attention. Expert deliverers of quirky but always thoughtful, never cliched pop

Evening Gazette-Teesside

A wonderful and very individual album

Luna Kafe E-zine

A lovely secret, quirky and clever, and utterly English

R2 Magazine

I could highlight examples of sheer brilliance from each and every track on The English Don’t Care because it truly is a work of genius, but I would run out of superlatives before long

Mallaz.co.uk Blog

This is really original stuff

The Link Magazine

The English Don’t Care leaves you feeling like you have tripped and fallen down a magical rabbit hole, full of twists and turns

Wear On The Pulse Blog

Alternative pop which is given over to the most extraordinary flights of fancy, which swerve from the charming to the frighteningly bonkers, usually within the same song

The Crack Magazine

In the grand tradition of madcap, idiosyncratic British pop

Sounds XP Blog

A wealth of exquisite tracks

Manifesto Magazine

For those who prefer their pop with a pinch of wit, a dash of cynicism, and a dollop of psychedelia, this is certainly the record for you

CPR Music Blog

Well constructed, thoughtful pop, played quietly- reminded me of Belgian legend Jacques Brel or French ne’er do well Georges Brassens

NARC Magazine

If you like your lyrics somewhat cynical, intelligent and funny, this is the place to be. And if you are a fan of great melodies too, you have struck gold!


Wonderfully original- beautifully sung and produced with rare, lean economy

Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music

I remain dazzled by the levels of wit on display here

Tasty Fanzine

Quietly deranged pop- the more I hear it, the more I really, really like this. Recommended.

Showburner Blog

I Am Liberated is a departure from convention, gallivanting with quirky eccentricity, clever wit, and spurred on by the most minimal of musical contributions, and it’s a great balance

Subba Culture Blog

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