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Revealed here first- the next Doctor Who…

We don’t normally post full reviews of the band, but we thought we’d make an exception for this journalistic exclusive from the intrepid team at Welcome To Teesside Folks, first published on Tuesday 14th April via Facebook. Thanks guys, together we will... read more

One, two, three, FOUR!

We’re super stoked to be making our London live debut in two weeks, and to mark the occasion, we’re posting not one, not two, not even three, but four (!!) brand new songs on our Soundcloud page, one per day for the next four days (starting Tuesday 24th... read more

Costume Drama

Head Of Light Entertainment satirical? It has been said. But sartorial? Never- until now! On Saturday 14th March, we walked away with the “best costume design” award for our video Sweet Tangled Lovers, presented by Teesside film festival “Don’t... read more

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